B Coffee Co Philippines
B Coffee Co Philippines
B Coffee Co Philippines
B Coffee Co Philippines
B Coffee Co Philippines
B Coffee Co Philippines

Enter the code "PODCLUB" at the bottom of checkout for the discount to apply.

Take this home for only PHP999. 😉

Important note: Only one machine per transaction will be discounted.

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[SUBSCRIPTION DEAL - 12 MONTHS] Rookie Starter Set

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B Coffee Co Philippines
B Coffee Co Philippines


B Coffee is bringing the coffee shop experience right within your home and now making it more possible thru our subscription scheme with special discounts and freebies.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to start your own B Coffee Co. experience.

1. Browse through our different products and choose which items you want to include in your B Tribe Pod Club subscription.

2. Choose "Subscription" then choose your delivery frequency. You can choose among the following:

- Monthly

- Quarterly

- Yearly

But you'll only get your free 6th month if you choose to YEARLY.

3.Let BCCI replenish your joy monthly (or in whatever delivery frequency you chose)

Signing up with us means you agree to subscribe and automatically get these essentials every month.

If you subscribe consecutively every 6 months, you'll get a surprise gift worth PHP 300 from us for FREE!

So on your 6th, 12th, 18th, 24th...months, we'll treat you. 😉

You may make changes to the contents of your subscription as long as you meet the ff. conditions:

1. You can only change the variants or flavors of a product in your subscription.

2. You can remove 1 or more items from your subscription.
Note: You will not be eligible for the 6th month FREE for the items you removed.

3. You can NOT add a new product to your subscription.
Note: If you want to add new products, please create a new cart on our webshop and add any new products to that cart so that they fall into the same subscription cycle where the 6th month is the same for all products.

We need at least 1 month before your next SUBSCRIPTION DATE to make changes because stocks may be allocated or reserved for other subscribers.

For any changes to your SUBSCRIPTION, please go to the chat icon at the bottom of the site and click "Change flavors"

For subscriptions, we’ve partnered with HelixPay, the 1st subscription payment platform in the Philippines, so you can make safe and convenient payments through your credit card, debit card, PayMaya wallet, GCash, Grab Wallet, and bank transfer!

For the safety of our customers, partners and employees, we have updated our payment methods to contact-less payments.

Yes, you may cancel specific products or your whole order for future subscriptions on or before the confirmation for the next cycle.

However, once your subscription is cancelled, you will not get your 6th month order free for the cancelled item/s.

Yes, you need to register before checking out.

Registering and creating an account will make it easier for you to access and manage your orders and B Coffee subscriptions. It will also be easier for you to order other items and check out later on.

After placing your order, you will receive an order confirmation email.

Please send us a message via Facebook Messenger if you do not receive your Order Confirmation email.

Your first order should arrive within 7 business days (for NCR orders) or 14 business days (for orders outside NCR).

If there are any errors in the delivery of your package or if any of the items delivered are defective, please contact us within 7 days of receipt of your package. Messages sent after 7 days will no longer be accomodated.

For NCR subscribers, our rider will pick up the wrong/defective item and replace it with the right/new item.

For non-NCR subscribers, you need to ship the item back to our location and we will refund the cost. Please make sure to send us the receipt for the delivery.

You can read more about our Return Policy here: beyourownbarista.today

If you have a specific question and can't find the answers here, the best way to contact us is through FACEBOOK MESSENGER.

Go to your Messenger account and send us a message!

1. Login to your account

2. You can view your order history in your Account Dashboard.

1. Simply login to your account

2. From your Account Dashboard, go to Address

3. Edit or Add New Address

Note: You can only update your Account Addresses from the website.

Please send us a message (over Facebook Messenger) if you want to change the Email, Name, Mobile Number and Password of your account.

Yes, you can! We just ask you to add all the items to your cart then check out.

No need to use any promo codes.

Your CYCLE DATE is the day of the month you placed your order and day of the succeeding months when your order will be processed.

Example: if you placed your order on May 16, your CYCLE DATE is every 16th of the month and we will process your order every 16th of the month. CYCLE DATE/ processing date is different from delivery date. Delivery usually takes 7 business days for Metro Manila and 14 business days for outside Metro Manila.

If your CYCLE DATE falls on a weekend or holiday, we will process your order the business day before your CYCLE DATE.

The subscription model may seem like Netflix but because you are receiving something physically, we do want to remind you and we hope you don't mind.

Three (3) days before your delivery date, we will remind you (via text and email) that your Subscription is coming up. For those who pay via credit/debit card, this will just serve as a notification that your card is about to be charged.

For those who pay via other methods, this will serve as a reminder and a way for you to settle your payment.

This shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes of your time monthly.